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Three questions to Marta Madrenas i Mir, Mayor of Girona

Speaking about the voice of women in politics today with the mayor of Girona - a city in Catalonia, Spain

  • March 15, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Ayuntamiento de Girona

Marta Madrenas i Mir was born in Girona in 1967 in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain. She is a graduate in Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The Mayor of Girona is also a lawyer and member of the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia Party and was elected in 2016, following the resignation of Albert Ballesta. Since 2018 Ms Madrenas is also a representative in the Catalan parliament.

Do you feel like the voice of women in politics is valued sufficiently in critical conversations today?

They are still not respected enough, although much progress has been made. We are more and more women in politics. It is about demonstrating that we are capable of leading political projects, something that is being seen and carried out in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Girona itself.

What advice would you give to young women who want to become successful in the workplace or business?

A good academic training is needed in the field of their interest and an attitude that understands the values of effort, the motivation to do things well, learn from all experiences, whether positive or negative, surround yourself with good teams.

What is the balance between intuition and reasoning in your work?

Most of the time you must act reasonably, study all the data and details, speak and ask for the opinion of many people, but there is no doubt that in the end, on many occasions, you must let yourself be guided by intuition since the solutions and the results, at least in politics, are not mathematical. Intuition is always the quick response that the brain gives you to a certain situation, using all the experience and data that you have accumulated. In the end experience and training are essential.

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