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Tilburg opens its first Green Climate Squares

They will demonstrate the effects of more greenery in gardens

  • July 22, 2020 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Municipality of Tilburg

On Wednesday, July 16 Tilburg opened its first two Green Climate Squares, the municipality informs. These new public spaces represent information points at garden centres, aiming to teach residents how they can contribute to a healthy living environment through more greenery.

Gardens, but with more space for greenery

The Green Climate Squares are the product of collaboration between the municipality of Tilburg, Interpolis, the Tuinbranche Nederland and the garden centres where the squares can be found, namely Natuurlijk Tilburg and Groenrijk Tilburg. Their purpose? Respond to climate changes by educating citizens on the importance of their actions and in particular – on the meaning of green gardens.

Gardens can help mitigate some of the effects of climate change, such as prolonged periods of drought or heavy rainfalls. With sewers unable to handle so much water and overflow, green gardens, which have less concrete and tiles, come to the rescue.

The Green Climate Square is thus a place to discuss 4 topics:

  • Water: how it can be collected and stored;
  • Living Gardens: how to attract more birds, butterflies and bees;
  • Green roofs: what they do and how citizens can apply to get one;
  • Tiles – how to avoid and replace them.

Visitors to the climate squares can have a look and read more information about the questions above, get a leaflet or even email it to themselves on the spot. Alternatively, they can ask the available employees for details.

The municipality mostly expects visitors who are already working on their gardens. Here is why they are ready to provide information about subsidies for facade gardens and green roofs.

Interpolis for its part will provide a green roof coach, who advises on and installs a green roof for a reasonable price. There will also be workshops by organisations active in the environmental field. The municipality expresses its willingness that in the future, the gardens of Tilburg will be covered by at least 60% of greenery.

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