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Today is Romania's 100th Birthday

Happy Great Union Day Romania!

  • December 01, 2018 09:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium romania100en
Source: Buchurest Municipality

December 1st is the Great Union Day for Romanians. In 1918 on this date, during the reign of King Ferdinand I, Romania (including Moldova and Wallachia at the time) was united with Crisana, Transylvania, Banat and the Maramures district. With this unification, Romania almost doubled its territory.

The union happened in Alba Iulia, were the unification declaration was announced in front of more than 100,000 Romanians. Vasile Goldis, Romanian academician and politician read the declaration.

Today is Romania's 100th Birthday

In 1940 Romania lost Basarabia and Bucovina, after the Molotov-Ribentrop pact, the two regions being annexed to the Soviet Republic. The north of Transylvania went to Hungary and the south of Dobrogea went to Bulgaria.    

December 1st is a holiday in Romania and in Bucharest, the capital, it is usually celebrated with a military parade. In the rest of the country, numerous events are organized, commemorating the Romanians who died in the First World War. In the last years, various city halls have organized concerts to celebrate the date, turning this more into a popular celebration.

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