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Tools policy-makers use: CivIQ for improved engagement of citizens

The online tool helps Dublin turn data into smart policy solutions

  • February 11, 2019 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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An online consultation solution allows stakeholders to receive and respond to data, comments and opinions on planned proposals. CivIQ thereby encourages collaboration, enhances decision-making and leads to more transparent, trustworthy and smart policy process. The online platform CivIQ is user-friendly, it enables tracking and analysing public opinion on contentious issues in real time, including on social media.

A cloud-based platform offering research services for discovering deep insights and perspectives underlying the range of opinion on proposed issue or question, CivIQ has been rewarded for Accessibility by the Irish e-government, as Democracy Incubator by the Council of Europe and is currently being used by Fingal County Council in Ireland at all stages of the policy planning and decision-making processes. The local government benefit from a submission platform, whereby information is collected through consultation, according to region and theme; Perspectives platform allows for analysis on concrete issues and Deliberation tool which incorporates shifts in opinion in real time during public deliberations which is particularly useful for controversial policy proposal negotiations. Finally, CivIQ helps promote innovative approach to conflict management in more complex settings, put in a context and expose alternative ideas.

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