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Tourist trips to St. Anastasia island have been restarted

The hotel is accessible to guests only with prior reservation and is subject to strict hygiene measures

  • May 08, 2020 10:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium anastasia

Starting today, 8 May 2020, tourist trips to the Bulgarian island of St. Anastasia are allowed once again. The Black Sea gem is accessible in compliance with a number of security measures, the press service of the Municipality of Burgas announced.

Due to the epidemic situation, certain restrictions will be introduced. The museum will remain closed and the keeping of physical distance is recommended.

The open spaces and the church are accessible to all visitors. The cafe and the restaurant are also open with certain newly-introduced restrictions.

Today, Anastasia ships will make their first trip at 10:00 am starting at the Maritime Station area. Its stay on the island will be 120 minutes. The second course to the island is scheduled for 13.30.

For now, the municipal catamaran "Anastasia" will sail with reduced passenger capacity. The aim is to respect the recommended 2-meter distance between passengers and to prevent many people from crowding. It remains mandatory for all passengers to wear masks indoors.

Full disinfection before and after each course of the ship

A number of actions have been taken related to the disinfection and hygiene of all accessible places and premises on the island and the ship. Full disinfection will be carried out before and after each course of the maritime vehicle.

Travel tickets can be purchased at the counter at the Tourist Information Center. The Municipality of Burgas warns all passengers to plan their time accordingly due to the local government's actions aimed at preventing overcrowding - including the introduction of a pass regime as well as the imposition of restrictions on the number of people allowed in a single place.

Prices for travel on “Anastasia” ship to the end of May are: standard ticket - BGN 12.00 (6 euros); for students and pensioners - BGN 9.00 (4,5 euros); for children from 3 to 7 years of age - BGN 3.00 (1,5 euros). Children up to 3 years and people with disabilities travel for free.

The hotel on St. Anastasia Island is accessible to guests only by obligatory reservation in advance and strict hygiene measures. Disinfectants, masks and disposable gloves are available to all the guests.

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