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Travel between Helsinki and Tallinn in just 20 minutes

The rail tunnel connecting Finland and Estonia will cost 15 billion euro

  • May 14, 2019 11:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium tunnel

Finland will be connected to Estonia through a 103-kilometre tunnel which will allow citizens to travel the distance Helsinki-Tallinn in 20 minutes, reported the Government of Finland. This is a significant reduction of travel-time from the current record of two hours. The journey can currently be done only via ferries that rely on proper weather, which cross the Gulf of Finland. During some days, the conditions simply do not allow for the boats to be operational.

In the near future there will be two high-speed train tunnels which at their deepest point will reach 200 meters, with the capacity to carry essential communication cables for example for ultra-high-speed internet, which is badly needed to increase the competitiveness of regional tech firms. Thanks to technological advances, the new tunnel will make Finland and Estonia extremely connected and competitive.

The projected ticket prices are set to be 50 euros for a single journey, the annual passes will cost around 2000 euros. Currently the price for crossing the gulf in a ferry with a car is around 70-120 euros. At an estimated construction cost of 15 billion, by 2030 over 50 million passengers will use the tunnel annually.

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