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Travel in 30 minutes from Helsinki to Tallinn via a tunnel

It would cost 16 billion euros - tickets 16 euros each way
  • December 04, 2018 11:30, 1459 impressions
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

There are two competing consortiums with the plan of tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn. The tunnel would be 215 metres below sea level at its deepest. Each day the Helsinki-Tallinn link would have capacity for some 40 passenger trains, 11 car trains, 17 lorry transporters and 3 freight trains. Tickets for a 30-minute ride under the Baltic would come in at 18 euros each way, with a season ticket costing 480 euros per month. The tunnel could increase journeys between Helsinki and Tallinn to some 23 million each year, including ferry passengers as well.

There is busy ferry traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn – 9 million passengers moved between the two cities last year. The number of passengers will grow to 14 million without the tunnel and 23 million with the tunnel – 12.5 million tunnel passengers and 10.5 million ferry passengers – by 2050. 3.7 million tons of goods were moved between the two capitals last year, while forecasts see that figure growing to 7 million tons without the tunnel and 8 million with the tunnel (four million tons with each mode of transport). The tunnel will require a lot of money – around 16 billion euros, approximately one and a half Estonian state budgets. 

Source: Helsinki Municipality