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Travel throughout Slovenia with just a single ticket

The ticketing system for public transport in Slovenia is being revamped

  • June 08, 2019 15:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Public transport in Slovenia is getting a big upgrade and revamp. After long and thorough planning, a new ticketing system was launched. Passengers will be able to purchase a single ticket for a whole month or even a year for a specific route they aim to be taking. For example, if your job demands of you to travel to Ljubljana every day of the month via train, bus and who knows what else, now you’ll be able to do this by purchasing just a single ticket. For the duration of the timeframe you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to use all means of public transport along the specified route. Due to these changes, individual ticket prices have been changed in order to reflect the new and improved situation. Annual and monthly tickets are available to buy online.

Along with the ticketing changes, Ljubljana and 8 other surrounding municipalities have introduced fast lanes for the buses heading in and out of the capital. The fast lanes are aimed at helping people who are commuting daily in order to get to their respective workplaces. Thanks to these measures, the municipality estimates that tens of thousands of vehicles will be withdrawn from traffic which will make transport by car somewhat cheaper and make the city cleaner.

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