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Trevi Fountain in Rome to open secret balcony

From there visitors can enjoy breath-taking views from the 40 meter high peak of the Baroque Fountain

  • January 27, 2020 21:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Monika Dimitrova

So far, anyone wishing to admire the beauty of the Trevi Fountain, among the most gorgeous displays of architecture in the world, could do so only from below, from the square, around its edges. Fortunately, Rome will soon offer a totally different perspective of one of its main attractions -namely from a viewpoint at Palazzo Poli, right above the structure. It will offer visitors a breathtaking view of the entire area, allowing them to marvel at its splendour. 

In fact, to accompany the opening of the balcony, a new museum tour of Palazzo Poli is also envisioned. The tour will end right at the aforementioned balcony where the wings of the two angels playing the tuba come together and which are the highest point of the Trevi fountain. From there, visitors will enjoy а breathtaking view from a 40-meter-high vantage point, right above the famous fountain.

The project aims to popularize Palazzo Poli 

The ambitious idea comes from the National Institute for Graphics which is housed in the noble building behind the Trevi Fountain. Its goal is to open the palace to the public and invite visitors on a tour that takes them through its rooms and finally leads them to the balcony - high above Rome and the Trevi Fountain. After climbing a small set of stairs, eager tourists will be able to enjoy the best view that the Italian capital has to offer - mainly because the palace and the Trevi Fountain are located on one of the most elevated points in the city. This way, visitors who are eager to experience the vista will also have the opportunity to get to know the long history of Palazzo Poli.

The project works are expected to continue for one year, before opening a new world perspective on the Trevi Fountain. It involves only the last stage of the route - the one that passes through the entire ancient building, where visitors who are already exploring its rooms can also hear the water flowing in the background before seeing the fountain itself.              

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