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Turku is one of the smartest cities in the world

The Finnish city ranks at seventh place

  • March 27, 2019 17:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Mika Kurkilahti / A1 Media Oy

Turku, a city on the southwest coast of Finland, straddles the Aura River. On the eastern bank lies the Old Great Square, a former trade hub, surrounded by grand buildings. In a recent analysis (published by the American Future Today Institute) of 100 cities around the world Turku, ranks as seventh when considering the “smartness” of the city. Public-private partnerships, affordable technology, long-term urban and budget planning and equal access to all citizens are just a few things that make cities smart.

Turku is one of the smartest cities in the world

Here you can see some of the strengths of the Finnish city:

  • Abundant 4G (and soon 5G) connectivity
  • The availability of public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • The use of smart grids for traffic and electricity
  • City-sponsored incentives for smart buildings
  • Dedicated high-ranking positions in a government dedicated to technology and science
  • Dedicated environmental protections for the present and future of the city
  • City initiatives to reduce waste
  • The availability of affordable clean energy options
  • Dedication to long-term urban planning
  • This is the second year when the institute has ranked the smartest cities in the world.

Other Finnish cities in the rank list include Jyväskylä (9th), Vantaa (13th) and Helsinki (33rd).

Source: Finland Today

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