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Uppsala distance students will get lunch money

Just because they study from home, it does not mean they should be left behind

  • September 10, 2020 16:00
  • Author Tzvetozar Vincent Iolov
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Source: Uppsala Municipality

Earlier this week, authorities in Uppsala announced that it had been decided that municipal services should make sure that all students, regardless whether they are attending school or studying remotely from home are guaranteed lunch. To that end, the Board of Education in the Swedish city, after its meeting on 7 September, took the decision that each student studying at home will receive a supplement of SEK 30 per day.

Having lunch is crucial for students’ performance

This measure comes in the wake of the new policy which saw the national government allow secondary schools the opportunity to decide how they would like to impart their teaching this year, given the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus epidemic.

In Uppsala, it was decided that Year 1 of the secondary students will go to class the traditional way – attending lessons in the classroom. As for those in Years 2 and 3, five of the local high schools decided to opt for the hybrid method which combines classroom with distance learning. For the days when pupils are meant to stay home, they can still count on being able to have lunch, so remote learning will not result disadvantageous in that way.

“Lunch is crucial for many students' performance during the school day, regardless of whether it takes place physically or at a distance. In order to best solve the situation we are in, we have decided to pay meal compensation to the students who receive partial distance education this autumn,” said Helena Hedman Skoglund, chair of the education committee.

The amount of SEK 30 was decided upon since it is the equivalent of what students who enrolled in vocational training receive when they are away on workplace-based learning assignments. The money is paid out as a lump sum through a bank transfer or payment order to students over the age of 18, or to the parents for younger pupils.

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