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Venice world-famous carnival started on Saturday with a water parade

It will last till February 13th

  • January 30, 2018 10:03
  • Author A. Petrov
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Source: Pixabay

La Festa Veneziana, or the Venice Carnival started with a grand opening on Saturday. Various musicians and dancers entertained the public. Decorated boats, part of a water parade, were among the main attractions. Every January, the festival in Venice entertains with magnificent costumes, parties and extravagant shows. 

The festival was first held far back in 1162 as Venetians gathered to celebrate a military victory. In the Renaissance period the carnival became an official celebration. During the Austrian rule, the festival was halted and resumed 1980. Today, La Festa Veneziana gathers about 3 million local and foreign visitors. One of the major events is the most beautiful mask competition.

Source: The Local/Italy

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