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Ventilation upgrades in the works for German public buildings amidst corona surge

Some 500 million euros have been made available to ensure proper ventilation in some publicly owned buildings across the country

  • October 23, 2020 11:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The German government has announced that it will be providing publicly owned buildings across the country with funding that is meant for upgrades to their respective ventilation systems. The grants will allow edifices owned and operated by the state to create better and healthier conditions for visitors and employees and will ultimately help the country stop the spread of COVID-19.

Acting wherever it is needed

The package that was approved by the German federal government amounts to a total of 500 million euros. The funding will be divided among publicly owned buildings across the country and will be used specifically for the purpose of improving ventilation systems whose efficient and effective functioning is crucial to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in closed spaces.

For now, only publicly owned buildings such as museums, offices, theatres, schools and universities will be eligible for the funds but it is possible for the scheme to expand to private enterprises as well in the future.

Each upgrade made through this new initiative is eligible for at most 100,000 euros with the funding also being available for other crucial apparatuses that some edifices might lack – including CO2 sensors that alert people when a room is unhealthily stale or mobile air purifiers for schools that lack central ventilation systems.

According to studies, COVID-19 particles can remain in the air for a prolonged amount of time, making proper ventilation essential for buildings that often have a lot of traffic. Thus, the grant scheme which was launched earlier this week on Tuesday is the perfect way for government-owned edifices to make sure that they can do whatever they can to protect the lives and health of their employees and visitors.

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