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Vertical farming – the green solution to the growing global food crisis

Through this innovative approach of farming can get as much as 350 times the produce out of an acre of land compared to conventional farming, using 1% as much water

  • January 05, 2018 14:15
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium vertical farm 916336 960 720
Source: Pixabay

The craetion of giant indoor farm next to every bigger city could be the solution of many problems. The method consist in crops stacking in vertical layers. This approach of farming allows yielding more crops per square meter than the traditional one. Furthermore this way of production use less water, the plants are growing faster and can be used during all the year, no matter of the annual season.

The massive indoor vertical farm could solve the world’s fresh produce shortage using LED lighting, micro-sensor technology and data processing to deliver high yields, organic and pesticide-free produce using less space, time and resources. The farms have to be littered with infrared cameras and sensors that measure temperature, moisture and plant growth.

Source: World Economic Forum


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