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Vienna opens itself to the world

Following the local tourism industry’s corona hiatus, the time has come for a large-scale reboot

  • June 04, 2020 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
Medium viennatour
Source: Stadt Wien

Way back when the coronavirus crisis initially hit the shores of European countries, Austria was among the first to impose lockdown restrictions ranging from the mandatory wearing of masks, to travel bans prohibiting free movement. Now that catastrophe has been averted, officials on local, regional and national levels are planning for the return of their respective tourism industries – the ones that were hit the hardest by the pandemic and the restrictions that were put in place.

The important role that local authorities play in the reopening process can best be observed in Vienna, where the city’s government has prepared a massive campaign aimed at attracting visitors and promoting the reopening of the tourist season. 

An initiative that keeps up with the times

Earlier this week, on Monday 1 June, the Austrian capital launched the “World Tour in Vienna” campaign in German-speaking countries. It is aimed at citizens who are eager to explore the world but can only travel to a limited number of neighbouring states. The campaign will be expanded over time to other parts of Europe and the world depending on the epidemiological circumstances.

In order to make the local tourist industry even more attractive, WienTourismus is also expanding its services. Namely, through additional help on offer on the website – like pointers to events that have been greenlit in the post-lockdown period, to restaurants, cafes and bars that have reopened and others.

Furthermore, starting August 2020, the Experience Edition of the Vienna City Card, on offer for 25 euros for a whole year worth of subscription, will entitle users to discounts in venues all across the city. WienTourismus’s employees will also embark on a mission meant to make the city more accessible – namely by travelling around the city, advertising all the tourist and visiting opportunities.

On the occasion of Vienna’s tourist reopening, the mayor of the city, Michael Ludwig stated that "Vienna is a city of encounter, a cosmopolitan metropolis that thrives on international exchange. You can see this not least from the fact that last year we welcomed around 8 million travelers who brought Vienna 17.6 million overnight stays. If the current exceptional situation means more persistence than doing business, I firmly believe that Vienna can follow this success story again. We will start to write the next chapter today. We will not drop our values: Vienna will continue to be meaningful in the future sustainable and value-adding tourism."

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