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Vienna’s repair voucher scheme hailed as massive success

By repairing their items instead of throwing them away, citizens of Vienna are actively contributing to the fight against climate change

  • November 18, 2020 13:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Stadt Wien

Repairing and reusing one’s items is crucial in the fight against climate change. Instead of throwing stuff away and generating more and more waste, citizens of Vienna have had an opportunity to have them once again made usable thanks to the city’s repair vouchers and receipts.

A massive success, both saving money and protecting the environment

The Vienna repair voucher is a one-of-a-kind platform that brings together consumers, vendors and repair shops. The network created by the city allows for citizens who purchase from specific venues to have their items repaired at one of the Austrian capital’s many repair shops at a significantly reduced price by simply downloading the repair voucher on their phones.

"Repairing instead of throwing it away, that is an active contribution to climate protection and I am pleased that the Viennese are taking our offer so well," said Environment City Councilor Ulli Sima

So far, some 4,000 items have been repaired since the launch of the initiative earlier this September. According to the Vienna Environmental Protection Department, the front runners for repairs are electrical and electronic devices; they account for around 67% of previous bills. Specifically, there are 2,955 pieces, around 57% of which include mobile phones and tablets. The voucher covers up to 50% of the total cost of the repairs, capping at 100 euros or it takes care of the full price if work is priced at less than 45 euros. The voucher is usable only for items purchased from shops that have enrolled in the scheme and it has been funded by the Vienna City Council with 1.6 million euros.

City Councillor Ulli Sima further reiterated the economic benefits for shops around the city that stem from the scheme, stating that “Repairs protect the environment, save money and also stimulate the business of the companies in the Vienna repair network and should boost their sales, which is particularly important in times like these. So, with the receipt we help all Viennese, repair shops and of course the environment.”

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