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Vienna’s ZOOM children’s museum goes mobile

The mobile version of the ZOOM museum brings arts and culture directly to the city’s children and youth

  • October 05, 2020 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: PID/VOTAVA/Stadt Wien

Vienna’s ZOOM children’s museum has embraced the spirit of our time and has decided to take its unique approach to local youth to the streets. The new ZOOM Mobil will be traversing the streets of the Austrian capital, reaching out to children and young people and helping them develop their skills through workshops and different meetings.

Making opportunities for personal growth easy to access

The ZOOM children’s museum has employed its unique approach to Vienna’s youth for over 25 years. It has been working with a transdisciplinary team of artists from the fields of painting, sculpture, performance, film and music to bring an artistic process-oriented approach to the city’s children.

By engaging with them, ZOOM’s experts have been helping Vienna’s youth discover their artistic side. The workshops led by the team create a spatial and methodical setting in which children individually develop their personal access to material, technology and implementation. Their focus, however, is not on the end product, but on experimentation and discovery.

Now the museum is ready to bring its tried and tested approach to all nooks and crannies of Vienna. The Zoom Mobil will allow for the workshops to go directly to local youth and will thus offer everyone the chance to take part. Not only that, but the offer is completely free of charge for all participating children and young people thus creating a low threshold and making the participation of everyone, no matter their background, possible. This will allow those children who have so far not been able to make the best out of Vienna’s cultural offers also discover the joys of art in its man forms.

Upon the launch of the new service, Vienna Senator for Culture and Science Veronica Kaup-Hasler stated that "The ZOOM Children's Museum has recognized the signs of the times with its new, mobile offer. Reaching out into the districts is important and necessary in order to win over those children and young people for whom the ZOOM in the center of the city - for whatever reasons - seems difficult to reach. This rewarding task is well worth the effort.”

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