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Viennese culture’s post-corona reboot

The capital’s local government unveiled guidelines for the reopening of cultural institutions

  • May 23, 2020 10:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Life in the Austrian capital of Vienna is slowly coming back to normal. After more than two months of lockdown, the country has managed to beat back the threat of the coronavirus and is slowly reopening different parts of its economy and businesses.

Yet the word “normal” has taken on a different meaning in post-corona Europe. Citizens, authorities and businesses will continue to have to obey strict lockdown restrictions and everyone will have to remain vigilant in order to reduce the risks of exposure and contraction of COVID-19 – thus keeping the disease at bay for good.

Bringing distancing to culture

In order for citizens to once again finally be able to enjoy Vienna’s rich culture, the city’s local government has prepared guidelines for the reopening of its cultural venues. By following these rules, they will also be brought in line with what is considered the new normal and will be able to once again operate freely.

Over the past few weeks, local government officials have been working tirelessly alongside medical professionals and representatives of cultural institutions. The fruit of their labour was revealed just a couple of days ago in the form of the “Guidelines for Cultural Activities” document which is a prelude to the reopening of cinemas, museums and theatres.

The mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig stated that "We are proud to be a cultural metropolis - and we don't just commit ourselves to it in Sunday speeches. With this guide, we want to give the creative artists legally binding guidelines and framework conditions for their work that they can rely on."

The guidelines feature a number of rules and changes that must be made before any venue can be reopened. Among the requirements are the mandatory disinfection and keeping of high hygiene standards, social distancing between visitors, the spreading out of seats, improving ventilation, the mandatory wearing of masks as well as caps on the number of people in a single place.

By following the government’s rules and regulations, newly-reopened venues will once again allow for citizens to experience the joys of culture first-hand.

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