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Vilnius with brand new way to reduce waste generation

A special kind of shop where people can exchange their unwanted things for stuff left by others

  • June 18, 2019 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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A special kind of second-hand shop opened its doors in Vilnius last week. With the principle aim of reducing the pollution of the environment, the municipality is eager to welcome anyone interested. So, what’s the gimmick? The “DĖK‘ui” shops do not use money, instead citizens will have to opportunity to leave their old and unwanted items at the stores and take something else with them. The main condition is for the items to be in a decent state and be usable and not broken beyond repair. When an item is left at one of these sharing stops, it will remain there for a certain amount of time. Locals will be able to order these items and they will be delivered to their homes free of charge by the municipality.

According to the vice-mayor of Vilnius, Valdis Benkunskas, thanks to such a stop, unused and unwanted items will be able to find a second home, instead of being thrown away, thus significantly reducing the amount of waste generated in the city.

The expansion of these sharing stops is already underway. 16 new venues will be opened in Vilnius over the next few months – all in the name of reducing waste generation.

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