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Vratsa on its way to becoming an innovative and smart city

The first digital hub in the region is to be established in the Bulgarian city

  • October 10, 2019 19:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium digital

The city of Vratsa is located in Northwestern Bulgaria, the slowest growing region in the country and in Europe. Here, unemployment rates are traditionally high and job and development opportunities are predominantly in the service sectors.

The first digital hub in the region

This tragic trend is on the way to being changed. The Municipality of Vratsa announced that soon the first digital hub in the region will be established in the city. The technology center will provide a full range of IT services, training, certification, software development, work with software platforms and digital project management for free.

There are currently more than 50 classes in the district, in which 1,143 students study information technology and programming. These figures once again confirm that Vratsa has the potential to be an innovative and smart city.

The digital hub will help both students and the local government, as well as businesses. In pursuit of this goal, priorities have been drawn up in the areas of mobility, security, energy, digital education, which will be actively integrated in information technology. It is expected that soon Vratsa will grow into an example of a green and digital city.

Vratsa was also the first city in Bulgaria to introduce a modern video surveillance and control system. Over the last few years, the Municipality has been investing funds and developing many projects whose main purpose is the creation of the so-called “smart city”.

The digital hub will be built next to “Ruski” Square in the city of Vratsa, in the building of the former garrison chair. Read more about this topic, as well as other digital hubs in EU cities, in our Innovations section.

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