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Zagreb gives back with fundraising drive-in cinemas

Film screenings are organized with the obligatory observance of social distancing measures

  • May 14, 2020 16:00
  • Author Diana Todorova
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The Croatian capital is getting two drive-in cinemas and both events have a humanitarian character. Donations from their proceeds will go to students who were left without a source of income due to the pandemic and to the Clinical Hospital of the Sisters of Charity in Zagreb. Film screenings are organized in the parking lot behind the Technical Museum and in the East parking lot of the Zagreb Fair.

The fun is back in town

From Thursday, May 14, every evening from 7.30 pm in the East Parking lot of the Zagreb Fair, famous blockbusters will be screened for all those who, after several weeks of isolation due to the coronavirus, are longing to go out and socialize. In the eight evenings of the open-air drive-in cinema, moviegoers will indulge in films which were scheduled to premiere on the big screen in Croatian cinemas in April and May.

The films will be shown on two 15-meter screens, and visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the sound of the movies via their in-car radios, which will be adjusted to a temporary radiofrequency. Pets are also welcome to this drive-in cinema but should remain in the back seat of the car. “Jutarnji list” informs that the revenue from the tickets will be donated to the Clinical Hospital of the Sisters of Charity in Zagreb.

A weekend of Croatian hit titles

This Friday another drive-in cinema will open in the parking lot behind the Technical Museum. This week's Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings are reserved for screenings of recent and older domestic hit titles. With the obligatory observance of social distancing measures, each movie night will begin with an accompanying music program.

In addition to Croatian feature films, in cooperation with the Academy of Dramatic Arts, some of the best student short films made in recent years will be screened every evening. These titles deserve the moviegoers’ attention as well, as they have been recognized by film festivals around the globe.

The drive-in event will donate its revenue to students left without a source of income because of the coronavirus. The charitable action will be coordinated with the University of Zagreb.

“Let's stay responsible”

As the Civil Protection Council of Croatia adopted a series of measures to ease down the coronavirus restrictions for everyday life, the Croatian motto "Stay at home" changed to "Let's stay responsible". Therefore, drive-in cinemas will also adhere to the new rules.

A larger number of toilets with running water, soap, paper towels and disinfectants will be available to the moviegoers. The premises where the film screenings will take place will be completely disinfected before and after each screening and all people involved in the organization of the event will be dressed in protective equipment to protect both themselves and the visitors.

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