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Zaragoza with first electric buses in September

See what other measures to modernize the public transport are previewed

  • August 07, 2019 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: zaragoza.es

The Government of Zaragoza has approved the acquisition of four electric buses, announce from the local council. They will be incorporated into the urban transport service fleet throughout the month of September. The decision of the government was announced by the mayor of the Spanish city, Jorge Azcón, during the presentation of 17 new hybrid buses that are already incorporated into the Avanza fleet.

Thus, the average age of the fleet decreases by 8%, standing at 8.3 years. There will be a total of 76 hybrid vehicles put into service, thereby giving continuity to the commitment to sustainable mobility based on clean technologies. The 17 new buses will serve on lines 42, 44, 52 and 53. These hybrids will also be the first "double" buses with this type of motorization in Zaragoza.

Hybrid buses contribute to improving the environmental impact of the city, reducing CO2 emissions by 30% which affects air quality positively. On the other hand, noise pollution in Zaragoza will also be minimized. Furthermore, they have improved technical aspects of energy efficiency. Thus, the structure of the body and the roof are made of aluminium, which can be recycled up to 90% and which leads to a weight reduction that translates into fuel savings.

The auxiliary systems (doors, air conditioning, power steering, brakes) are electrically operated further contributing to fuel savings and making the bus fully operational even when the diesel engine is off. As usual, they include a ramp that guarantees access to persons with reduced mobility, baby carriages, etc.

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