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Vienna’s Praterstraße to grow into the city’s climate boulevard

Following lengthy consultations with locals, the entire street will be redesigned to become greener and more climate friendly

  • 19 de septiembre de 2020 10:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Fuente: PID/Christian Fürthner, Stadt Wien

After several years of consultations with locals, Vienna’s Praterstraße will begin its transformation into the city’s climate boulevard. The shopping street located Leopoldstadt will soon boast a third row of trees in the middle, wide footpaths and bike paths with improved crossings and shady areas.

An expansion of Vienna’s climate ambitions

Comprehensive public consultations have been underway since 2017 when the first surveys were conducted with business owners and residents of the area. The city then went on to plan out a tender in 2019 which is now finally available to firms.

The renovation process will be carried out in two separate phases - the conversion of the area between Nestroy-Platz and Untere Donaustraße will start in 2021, followed by the section from Nestroryplatz to Praterstern in 2022. The construction will feature a substantial reduction of motorized traffic lanes which will, in turn, open up plenty of new opportunities for the redistribution of the newly acquired space.

Said space will be used for the creation of additional room for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as for the planting of trees and greenery that will make this part of Vienna more climate-friendly. In total, around 80 new trees, several redesigned squares, wider bike paths in both directions and an opening and enlargement of the Therese-Krones-Park will turn Praterstraße into a climate-friendly boulevard in the near future.

Vienna’s deputy mayor for the environment Birgit Hebein stated that “The new Praterstraße shows that the redistribution of our streets - towards the people, away from the engines - is possible. We are creating a climate boulevard, a pulsating center, a piece of the climate capital for everyone. With 80 new trees, a new green vein is created between the inner city and the Prater.

Where cyclists are now crowding, at least 2.3 m wide cycle paths will be created on both sides. Anyone who walks in this important centre will find shady seating areas, both in pub gardens and in consumption-free zones with drinking fountains and water elements to cool off. "

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