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Copenhagen to begin mapping city’s air quality

The local government will set up 5 measurement stations spread throughout the urban area

  • K, 01. juuli 2020, 14:30:00 +0300
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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One of the signatures of the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns has been the general retreat of people from the streets of their cities and back to their homes. This, of course, led to a drastic reduction in vehicles which in itself resulted in the improvement of air quality.

That change was naturally noticed by citizens, many of whom for the first time caught a glimpse of their cities without the ever-present clouds of smog – and in turn, created a desire for this to continue to be the case even after the pandemic.

Copenhagen taking steps to improve air quality

Local authorities in the Danish capital of Copenhagen have been eager to rise up to the challenge of answering the calls of their citizens for a cleaner and healthier city. That is why, they have announced that they will set up 5 air quality measurement stations throughout the urban area, meant to help the government when it comes to addressing and solving different kinds of problems.

The measurements stations will be placed at the following locations:

  • Measuring station 1: Inner Nørrebro at the parking lot at Krügersgade 5.
  • Measuring station 2: Inner-city in grass discount opposite Søtorvet 5.
  • Measuring station 3: Valby at the parking lot at Folehaven 72.
  • Measuring station 4: Bispebjerg on the parking lot at Hillerødgade 79.
  • Measuring Station 5: Amager on a traffic playground on the corner of Backersvej and Formosavej.

All these areas boast either especially heavy vehicle traffic or high degrees of stove burning and are thus perfect for the gathering of data. Said data would then come in handy when devising different solutions for improving air quality in Copenhagen.

The relevant authorities are also currently drawing up a plan for the creation of 10 additional measurement stations across the city in a bid to further boost their health and climate protection efforts.

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