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Manchester takes culture to the next level

The Factory Manchester is a one-of-a-kind venue, set to offer year-round cultural activities to locals and visitors alike

  • R, 15. nov. 2019, 21:30:00 +0200
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Allikas: Manchester City Council

Commissioned and brought forward by the Manchester City Council, the Factory Manchester is a unique project. Despite still being under construction, with some ways to go, the new venue will unleash a torrent of new possibilities and opportunities not only for locals who want to get their hands on cultural activities but to foreigners seeking adventure as well.

What is The Factory?

The Factory itself is a giant venue, which upon completion will be able to offer a year-long cultural programme. It will also become the permanent home of the Manchester International Festival.

Once completed, the venue will provide jobs and training opportunities to people from all around the city. Not only that, but even the construction process itself has proven quite lucrative to locals – people have found many apprenticeships and employment opportunities during the building process.

Furthermore, the establishment of The Factory Acadamy programme has allowed for people from all kinds of background to prepare themselves and seek new opportunities in the creative industries. City Council estimates suggest that the Academy will be instrumental to the creation of the next generation of technicians, producers and arts professions – all ready to enter a 100 billion pound business.

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, stated that: "The Factory is a state-of-the-art, high-quality, multi-functional building, incomparable in nature to any other currently being constructed in the UK. We've always been very clear about the benefits of culture and creativity, not just to audiences, but to the city itself.  Cities need culture to thrive as much as culture needs cities like ours that support and embrace it. Providing a year-round cultural programme and limitless creative opportunities is only one part of The Factory story. Improving the life chances and job prospects of local people is a massive priority for us and the opportunities it will also provide for training and learning new technical and creative industry specific skills are just as important and will be second to none.”

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