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Brezno, Slovakia, makes public transport free for children

The municipality wants to convince locals to use buses rather than cars

  • 24. elokuuta 2019 15.00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Lähde: Szeder László [CC BY-SA 3.0]

The Slovak town of Brezno has started conducting an experiment – by making the local public transport free for children by the age of 15, mothers with strollers, seniors and persons with disabilities, the administration wants to head down the path of a car-free society.

The mayor of Brezno, Tomáš Abel, wants the city to take up the good practices of its western counterparts by making public transport as widely available as possible. With the city’s administration taking up the financial burden for the transportation of so many people, this will be a good way to start phasing out the use of personal cars, which in turn will also alleviate the significant traffic issues in the Brezno. “This is just one of the reasons, the other is service to people. The city's treasury does not have a significant financial burden. It costs us about 48,000 euros a year,” according to Tomáš Abel.

Brezno is the first city in Slovakia to implement such measures. It’s making headway into measures which are expected to significantly improve the quality of life of citizens. Not only will they be finding it easier to move around the city, but families will also feel lifting of a large financial burden off their shoulders.

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