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The city of České Budějovice (Czech Budejovice) was founded in 1256 by the Czech King Premysl Otakar II on the confluence of the Vltava and Malse Rivers and was granted municipal status in 1265. The town was largely destroyed in the 15th and the 16th century and was the ground of many religious conflicts. The town became a part of the Habsburg Monarchy in 1526. Many centuries later, towards the end of the Second World War, in March 1945, Budějovice was twice targeted by US warplanes which inflicted heavy damage on it and caused many casualties. Subsequently, the town was liberated by the Red Army and was ushered into the Soviet sphere of influence.


České Budějovice (Czech Budejovice), also known as Budweis in German or English, is located in the region of South Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. It is the largest city in the region, metropolitan centre and home to approximately 93,500 inhabitants.

Budějovice has been a leading centre of beer brewing since the 13th century. Budweiser Budvar Brewery, which is the fourth-largest brewery and second-largest beer exporter in Czechia, was founded in 1895 and has legal rights to market its beer under the "Budweiser" brand name in much of Europe. Other important companies in the town's diversified economic profile include auto parts maker Robert Bosch spol. s.r.o., Madeta Č.Budějovice a.s., Motor Jikov a.s., pencil producer Koh - i – Noor Hardtmuth a.s. Czech Budejovice is also a major exhibition centre.


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One of the largest squares in Bohemia can be found in Czech Budejovice (České Budějovice) - the Square of Premysl Otakar II - spanning  133x137 m. It is adorned with arcades and lined with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque burgher's houses. Among the town's other monuments are the Renaissance-styled Town Hall, the Samson's fountain and the 72 m high Black Tower which commands a splendid view of the town and environs.

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