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Hornbæk – the ideal spot for spending your holidays in Sweden

Surf vibes, good food and amazing coastal nature awaits you

  • 15. elokuuta 2019 21.30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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One-hour drive and 1,5 hours’ train ride of Copenhagen, you'll find this little slice of surf-town called Hornbæk. It's the perfect trip out of the city to catch some sun and a few waves if weather permits. Visit Hornbæk and you’ll find yourself engulfed in surf vibes, good food and amazing coastal nature.

Seek out solitude on the endless stretches of sandy beaches and sample art in Tegners Museum out in the open, all the while the slow pace of Hornbæk will make you want to stay a little longer. Hornbæk is the ideal place for relaxing and activities with family and friends. Here you will find a stroll through the plantation, where the forest opens up to the beautiful coast with sand, beach and sea. Here you can relax and play with the children.

For adventure and nature lovers Hornbæk is the ideal place, whether you want to bike, hike, swim or simply wish to explore the beautiful surroundings – Hornbæk is worth a visit. Hornbæk Plantage is a diversified forest and as such ideal for hiking or running. Following the marked route eight kilometres around the forest, you will get exercise while discovering the varied wildlife. 

Source: visitnorthsealand.com

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