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Kaunas historic centre to be “resurrected”

For decades one of Kaunas’ oldest squares has been without purpose, ignored by locals and tourists alike – this is about to change

  • 6. syyskuuta 2019 21.30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Lähde: Kaunas Municipality

The municipality of Kaunas is inviting citizens, locals and tourists to a plethora of events to celebrate the symbolical rebirth of one of the city’s oldest squares – the Constituent Seimas Square. The Lithuanian city will be hosting feasts and banquets at the square situated in the very heart of Kaunas every weekend until the end of September, under the name “Puota”. According to the organizers of the events “There used to be a bazaar, the liveliest part of the city, an economic center where the community was created and evolved, links established and information exchanged. It's time to bring it all back”. The square has remained unused for many years but that is about to change.

Organizers believe that the Square has been unjustly ignored by tourists and locals. They want to promote the location so that it can get the attention and the spotlight it really deserves. The events will include a wide array of activities, including concerts and performances as well as a fantastic cultural mix in the form of cuisine. Kaunas’ cooks will be deploying food trucks serving Asian and Indian food, burgers, waffles and all sorts of other delicious treats.

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