Vienna provides 1000 laptops and tablets to local apprentices in inter-company training

The purchase of the new hardware is part of the city’s efforts to alleviate youth unemployment in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic

  • 17. lokakuuta 2020 12.00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
Medium 2020 10 09 jugend am werk
Lähde: PID / David Bohmann, Stadt Wien

As part of its efforts to alleviate the problem of youth unemployment, which has only worsened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the local government Vienna has announced that it has purchased new hardware for the city’s apprentices in inter-company training. Some 1000 laptops and tablets will be made available to local youth as part of the Austrian capital’s overarching efforts to stabilize the economy by tackling immediate challenges.

Digitalization and apprenticeships go hand-in-hand

Without the local government’s intervention, the pandemic would have put the education and training of many citizens on indefinite hold. Yet by acting fast and by providing digital solutions, the city managed to soften the blow. This latest investment and purchase of hardware will further enhance Vienna’s response and will contribute to creating more opportunities for local youth – who are particularly affected by the economic impact of the pandemic.

As explained by City Councillor Peter Hanke “The corona crisis and its economic consequences affect young people in particular. In Vienna, we do everything we can to give young Viennese people a good education and a good start to their careers despite the difficult framework conditions. As part of the 17 million euros Vienna Corona training package to combat youth unemployment, we are investing 10 million euros alone in inter-company apprenticeship training and thus - in secure apprenticeships. In addition to increasing the number of apprenticeships together with the AMS Vienna, we are now also equipping the young people with laptops and tablets. For this, we take over 700,000 euros in hand. "

The Vienna City Council is adamant in its belief that everyone deserves to have access to equal opportunities. And while the pandemic has jeopardized it, it is the role of the government to mitigate the impact for ordinary citizens. Thus, investing in digital solutions, which have become the norm in the times of the coronacrisis, Vienna is also investing in its future as it creates suitable and well-prepared workers who will soon be driving the economy forward.

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