Helsinki Zoo goes eco-friendly

Helsinki Zoo goes eco-friendly

Korkeasaari is now heated entirely with zero emissions

Helsinki is bringing its climate conscious approach to all facets of life in the city. The latest addition to the Finnish capital’s climate-friendly venues is its very own zoo – Korkeasaari zoo.

One of Helsinki’s most well known and famous attractions is now heated entirely with zero emissions. Its annual 617-tonne carbon footprint has now been entirely eliminated thanks to sustainable measures taken by the local government of the capital.

Using new technologies to achieve sustainability

Korkeasaari zoo will now be heated entirely by Helen’s Recycled Heat – a company offering carbon-free heating to citizens, generated through the recycling of waste. The collaboration between the zoo and the company is especially fitting, given the fact that Korkeasaari already created ample amounts of biodegradable waste that can be used for heating purposes.

The zoo is an extremely large premise – thus it requires vast amounts of heat to keep it up and running and to keep animals – especially the ones from tropical regions, safe, healthy and happy. To put it into perspective, Korkeasaari zoo requires as much heat as a total of 7 standard apartment blocks.

The ones in charge of Korkesaari zoo are extremely pleased with the new partnership with Helen. They believe that everyone should contribute in any way they can to the fight against climate change.

“The mission of our environmental programme is that we practise what we preach. While we endeavour to influence people's environmentally friendly behaviour and thinking, we ourselves are also duty-bound to act in accordance with the same principles. The solution was easy in the case of heating, as we were able to turn our heating carbon-neutral with a single decision,” stated Sanna Hellström, the Director at Korkeasaari Zoo.

By incorporating climate-friendly solutions into all municipal venues, the city of Helsinki is certainly doing its part in addressing the ongoing climate crisis.



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