Ignatios Kaitezidis

The municipality Pilea-Hortiatis was formed by Kallikratis local government reform in 2011 through the merger of what used to be 3 former municipalities: Pilea, Hortiatis and Panorama, that became municipal units.

Pilea-Hortiatis is a municipality located in the Thessaloniki regional unit, Central Macedonia, Greece. It is the second largest city in the administrative region of Central Macedonia. The seat of the municipality is Panorama. The municipality has an area of 155.63 km2 and boasts a population of 77.000 people.

The economy of Pilea-Hortiatis is based on services and commerce. The Municipality is home to many commercial facilities, multinational companies, public organisations, large public hospitals, private clinics and medical centres, the largest shopping centres in Northern Greece, international hotels, etc. Here one can also find the Technology Park, which hosts a large number of new technology and IT businesses. Pylaia-Hortiatis is also home to one of the EU’s decentralized agencies, Cedefop, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training.



As Pilea-Hortiatis is situated in the northeastern part of the city of Thessaloniki, its landscape is multifaceted and includes coastal areas, mountains and forests. It stretches from the lowland coastal area of Pilea to the mountain area of Hortiatis.