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Greece’s Acropolis on the path to full accessibility

The Greek Culture and Sports Ministry is placing an emphasis on ensuring that everyone can visit the site, no matter their disabilities or health and mobility problems

  • November 10, 2020 11:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Greece’s Acropolis will soon be fully accessible to everyone, regardless of their disabilities or of their mobility and health issues. The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced that it aims to transform the site in order to allow everyone the opportunity to visit it and thus to accommodate every single individual who might so far have been turned off from making the trip.

Accessibility – a vital aspect of culture and heritage

Currently, there exists a type of freight elevator that takes those visitors with disabilities directly to the top of the site. Yet Greek authorities want to offer a completely new experience and to allow every visitor the opportunity to experience and marvel at the Acropolis as it has been seen by the ancient Greeks.

Thus, according to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, for the first time in history, the Acropolis, the Holy Rock, will become fully accessible after a number of changes and projects are delivered. The final date for the completion of this accessibility project is 3 December when disabled visitors will have the chance to see the site in a completely new light.

Authorities are eager to point out that the work that is currently being done is not treated as simple maintenance. Rather, all the changes that are being made, will be completely in line with the overall feel and atmosphere of the Acropolis. For example, the repaving of the paths will be done in accordance with the works done over 50 years ago and are part of an overall study on the restoration of the entire Acropolis. The changes that will be made will reflect the newest archaeological and historic findings and will change how everyone sees and experiences the entirety of the site for years to come.

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