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Do you know what brings Plovdiv and Matera together?

A huge opportunity for both cities to showcase their beauty and culture
  • 2018. december 18., kedd, 11:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Forrás: European Commission

To be named the European Capital of Culture is the driving force in raising the profile of several cities across Europe. Along with offering the local population a point of pride, such title can attract thousands of new visitors to a city. In the early years, big cities like Paris, Berlin and Athens were chosen.

For 2019, two cities have been selected: Plovdiv in Bulgaria and Matera in southern Italy. This is a huge opportunity for both cities to showcase their beauty and culture. But it’s especially the case for Plovdiv, which has long stood in the shadow of the capital city, Sofia. It really is big chance for Plovdiv to make a name for itself and attract more visitors from around Europe and the world. Now, it’s celebrating its year in the spotlight with some 500 festivals, exhibitions, performances, shows and other events not only in town but throughout Bulgaria’s South Central Region.

Matera is best known for its extensive cave-dwelling districts, the “Sassi”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. The Sassi provide a stunning backdrop of stairways and narrow lanes, cave-houses carved out of the rock, rock churches with beautiful frescoes and elegant buildings. Matera offers plenty of attractions:  visit one of its museums or go for a walk in the ancient town, steeped in history and art. It is well worth visiting the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, which consists of more than 150 rock churches, and soaking in their ancient spirituality. In Matera you can also taste some of the traditional cuisine of Southern Italy, rich in typical products.

Source: European Commission