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Kozloduy Municipality invites you to the Feast of Wine and Winegrowers

Let's be together on Trifon Zarezan Day
  • 2019. február 14., csütörtök, 10:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Forrás: Pixabay

Kozloduy Municipality invites all residents and guests of the Bulgarian city to participate in the tribute to Trifon Zarezan. It will be held today, at the central square of Kozloduy, from 17:00 o’clock. At 15:30, the Municipal Children's and Youth Parliament will launch at the pedestrian promenade interesting initiatives related to the feast of love - Valentine's Day.

Besides to the tradition of vines, the traditional home-made wine contest and the most delicious homemade meal will be held. All those willing to sign up could do it during the event. A competent jury will determine the winners. Surprises, joy and, of course, traditional music and dances will accompany the feast. Special guests of Kozloduy for Trifon Zarezan Day are Kamelia and “Vivo Montana” Orchestra.

Source: Kozloduy Municipality