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One-of-a-kind museum dedicated to digital art to open in Portugal

“Museu Zero” will be the only museum in Europe solely dedicated to the digital arts and is set to open its doors in 2020

  • 2019. május 10., péntek, 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo – a small village in the municipality of Tavira, will be hosting the first digital arts museum in Europe. “Museu Zero” will be created inside the village’s old decommissioned grain silos in the 1950s era agricultural cooperative. In a way, it will be a museum inside a museum – as the architecture of the cooperative itself is one of the local historical landmarks.

The plan for the functioning of the museum is quite special – artists from all around the world will come to Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo and stay for two or three months and work on their exhibitions. They will turn the museum and the grounds it occupies into their own artistic expression. The works of art will be based on light, sounds and images and the museum will be dedicated solely on the currently residing artists.

Construction is set to begin within a few months and the museum is set to host its first guests in 2020. For now, “Museu Zero” is planned to host two or three exhibitions per year and has already been approached by different artists interested in taking residence in the village.

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