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Forrás: Stropkov Municipality
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The first written mention of the town of Stropkov can be traced back to the year 1404. Dating back to the turn of the XIV century, the Gothic Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ church is Stropkov’s most significant cultural and historical sight. The church and the nearby Gothic and Renaissance manor house used to be a part of the former castle of Stropkov.

The development of Stopkov and its economic boom were supported and strengthened by Leopold I with 6 annual fairs. In 1698 Stropkov's manor encompassed around 51 villages.

In 1764 the manor was divided into 6 parts: Staraiovci, Hallerovci, Keglevicovci, Dezofiovci, Veceiovci and Barkociovci. In 1785 there were about 204 houses and 1326 inhabitants in the town.        

In 1778 Stropkov was the third town with the most numbers of residents in the Zemplin region with 87 craftsmen. It was the second important craftsman centre after Humenné town.           

In the XVIII century the town started to decay. After the 1870’s mass emigration of natives became common.

During the time between the wars Stropkov and its district belonged to one of the most underdeveloped and poorest regions in Slovakia. During the period of the Second World War the economic decline was enormous.

During wartime there were only 487 houses with 3311 inhabitants. Besides the complicated post-war period, only the establishment of Tesla factory and many other firms have had an important contribution to significant changes in demography and in infrastructure of Stropkov. From only 2695 people in 1950, the city’s population had grown to 9719 in 1991.

Stropkov is a town and a municipality in Stropkov District, Prešov region in Slovakia. It is an economic, social and cultural centre of north Zemplín.

It is situated on left bank of river Ondava in a scenic central part of the Ondava uplands. The population of the town is 10,548 people (21.12.2018).

The biggest company in Stropkov is Tesla. Production in the company began on 9 May 1960.

It produces terminal telecommunications equipment. Other aspects of the local economy are focused on the automotive industry, the construction industry and the electrical engineering industry.

In terms of production volume, production for the automotive industry currently has the largest share. This mainly concerns the production of smaller plastic parts (such as connectors), as well as interior plastic components.


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Forrás: Stropkov Municipality

In Stropkov you can find an attractive natural setting with mineral springs, rich flora and fauna, a great number of interesting historical and cultural sights and the sports and recreational services near the town. Excellent recreational and water sports conditions are provided by recreational resorts at the nearby reservoir of Domaša.  

The rich offer of cultural events is represented by the summer Market of Stropkov, Days of honey in autumn, Christmas markets and several sub regional sports events.

In the district of Stropkov one can find the village of Tokajík. It is famous for the 1944´s war tragedy where a cemetery and a WW II. victim memorial has been built. The region of Stropkov was an important area of WW I. battles, too. In the village of Velkrop one can also discover the largest military cemetery in the Middle Europe. 

North-eastern Slovakia and the Polish border are also known as the region of historical wooden churches. The region provides several fishing opportunities and is a well-known mushroom picking locality, as well.