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Blagoevgrad has put into operation underground waste management systems

This is yet another step towards a cleaner environment taken by mayor Dr. Atanas Kambitov
  • 22 luglio 2019 19:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium blagoevgrad
Fonte: Blagoevgrad Municipality

The first underground waste containers in Blagoevgrad were just unveiled and are ready to be used by residents and guests of the Bulgarian town, informed the Municipality. A total of eight containers were installed in the city centre. Three of them are located in the space between the building of the Opera and the Mineral Bath, two in the parking lot near Macedonia Square and three at “Gyorche Petrov” street. Containers are designed for household waste and must not be used for the disposal of glass waste. Gradually, Blagoevgrad Municipality will develop the project, and such containers will be placed elsewhere in the city centre as well as in different neighborhoods. The installation of underground containers is yet another step towards a cleaner environment taken by mayor Dr. Atanas Kambitov

Underground containers have a number of advantages over standard ones. They have high-quality rubber seals that prevent unpleasant odours and the temperature underground is lower than that of the surface and is constant, which ensures a slower decay of the waste. In addition, the unauthorized person's access to the containers is limited. Another advantage is the greater capacity of the containers, as well as the easy and fast service and maintenance.

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