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Fonte: Kastav Municipality
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The history of Kastav dates back to prehistoric times. There is a valuable archaeological site - an Illyrian necropolis - found in the Mišinci karst valley.     

It is not clear how Kastav gained its name. There are two versions – some believe its derived from the Celtic word kast (rock) while others say it is derived from the Latin word castellum (fort, castle).  

Valuable monuments that have been preserved until nowadays show the medieval life of the Kastav area. Among them are the town's Kaštel, the Municipal Loggia, the Volta (arched doorway), The Parish Church of Saint Jelena Križarica, Lokvina Square, the remains of the Crekvina and the Church of the Holy Trinity and numerous ornaments embedded in the nucleus of the town.

Number of books attest to the rich history of Kastav. The town is mentioned in all the important editions that deal with the history of Croatia.

Kastav is part of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Croatia. It extends over 11 square kilometres and has more than 11 000 residents.

The Kastav region is known for its high-quality craftsmanship. The economy of the town is based on small- and medium-scaled enterprises and a few larger firms.

Kastav offers an exquisite blend of delights and business opportunities to every visitor.


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Fonte: Kastav Municipality

Kastav is an authentic coastal little town of art and joyful festivities, traditions and history.  The town has much to show - rich history, valuable architectural monuments, culture and untouched nature that has been preserved over many centuries. Kastav also offers high quality music and stage performances, folk and carnival festivals, recreation in the nature or visits to museums and landmarks.