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80% of the land of Athienou is occupied by the Turkish army, since 1974, after the turkish invasion in Cyprus. Even the isolation, the city is  trying to maintain its identity and it tries to be developed.    

Athienou is a small city in Cyprus of around 6.500 inhabitants. Athienou is a municipality since 1926, one of the oldest municipalities in Cyprus. It has an elected Mayor and an 8 elected members Board, that are elected every 5 years. There is a 20 members staff in the Municipality, that work for the benefit of the citizens. 

Athienou has been declared by the European URBACT Program as a Good Practice City for its Volunteerism. Four Volunteering Programs are functioning in the city and the Municipality is the Lead Partner of a Transfer Network that will transfer its Good Practice in 7 other European cities, co-financed by ERDF.

Agricultural and livestock activities are still some of the main occupations of the inhabitants.The city also has an industrial zone and many other enterprises and services.The city is also well-known for its traditional products, such as the bread, diary products, wedding pastries, traditional lace and many other products. Every year, the first Sunday of October, a Pancyprian Festival of the products of Athienou is organized, with big success and with many visitors from Cyprus and abroad.


Fonte: Δήμος Αθηένου / Municipality of Athienou

The city gets many visitors from Cyprus and abroad that visit the Kallinikeio Municipal Museum with an archaeological, an ecclesiastical and an ethnografic session, the rehabilated old house of the famous monk Kallinikos, where the production of the Cyprus cheese halloumi is taking place in front of the visitors, a rehabilitad old flourmill, the great churhes-with the sandals of saint Spyridon and bones of the local saint, Saint Fokas, the ancient place of Malloura and many others. Many people visit the city in order to eat at the local restaurants the famous athienitiko ofto-lamb cooked in clay pots in the oven in a special way.



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