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Visit 11 museums with a single ticket in Ljubljana

Local authorities want to promote the capital’s cultural and historic heritage by making it more accessible to locals and visitors

  • 07 luglio 2020 11:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Many cities across Europe are coming up with new ways to promote domestic tourism following the gradual post-corona reopening and the removal of lockdown restrictions. Banking on the belief that many citizens will prefer domestic tourist destinations, opting for them, rather than taking on the risk of travelling abroad, local governments are experimenting with new approaches to making their own cultural and historic heritage sites more attractive.

Ljubljana’s 11-in-1 ticket

The Slovenian capital of Ljubljana has already begun putting its ideas into practice – namely through the introduction of a special kind of ticket that allows holders to visit 11 museums and galleries at 13 different locations. For individuals, the ticket costs 8 euros, and for families – 16 euros.

Those who purchase it will have the opportunity to visit some of the best venues that Ljubljana has to offer, including the International Center of Graphic Arts, the Modern Gallery, the City Museum of Ljubljana, the Museum of Recent History of Slovenia, the Museum of Architecture and Design, the National Gallery, the National Museum of Slovenia, the Natural History Museum of Slovenia, the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum and the Slovenian Theater Institute – the Theater Museum and the Slovenian School Museum.

The offer has been active since 1 July and will last all up until the end of August, giving locals and visitors of the city plenty of time to enjoy all that the city has to offer. The initiative builds on past experiences by local authorities who have seen an increase in interest in Ljubljana’s museums and galleries during the city’s museum nights. Such a rise, supposedly, can be further stimulated in these exceptional times when citizens are on the lookout for good experiences closer to home, without the need for expensive travel to far-away places.

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