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Cyprus’s Kissonerga to provide businesses with support amounting to 70,000 euros

The funding is meant for tourism-related businesses in a bid to safeguard them from the economic shockwaves caused by the coronavirus pandemic

  • rugpjūčio 04, 2020 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Local governments have risen to the challenge across Europe when it comes to providing relief to their local businesses during and in the aftermath of the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. The role played by local authorities can not be understated as they have generally proven themselves apt at meeting the expectations of their citizens and doing everything in their (sometimes limited) power to protect them and safeguard their livelihoods.

Small towns and herculean tasks

The work done by smaller towns and villages and their governments is all the more impressive. An excellent example of great work being done can be found in the small Cypriot village of Kissonerga, where the community council has announced that some 70,000 euros will be allocated in the form of different support measures to local businesses engaged in the tourism industry.

The action taken by a small community of barely over 2,000 people is respectable and will prove vital to the survival of many local entrepreneurs. The local government envisions a 25% cut to garbage collection fees for those businesses especially affected by the quarantine (such as hotels and restaurants), as well as 25% discount on the tax on tourist villas and apartments. Already existing contracts for beach management and water sports will also be extended for two years.

The efforts by local authorities are meant to also stabilize the town’s budget, which, according to current estimates, will be 400,000 euros short compared to what it was supposed to be. Officials have already completed a number of other tasks related to the budgetary shortfall and have revised the city’s budget to reflect the sudden and drastic change in circumstances.

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