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In 1235, Alexandre de Soleuvre founded the abbey of Differdange, which he donated to the order of Citeaux. Initially, the Cistercian abbey welcomed only sisters from the nobility of Luxembourg. Subsequently, women from the Lorraine region of France and the present province of Luxembourg in Wallonia also made their vows at Differdange.

In 1552, the abbey was plundered and sacked by French soldiers. However, it was during the French invasion of Luxembourg that the abbey and the town experienced real raids and innumerable rampages.

On August 4, 1907, Differdange received its town status by William IV Of Luxembourg.

During the 20th century, the industrial boom was at its peak, and the population of Differdange rose from less than 4,000 in 1890 to almost 18,000 by 1930.

In 1967, the "Société des Hauts-Fourneaux and Aciererie de Differdange" merged with several steel companies in Belgium and France to form ARBED, Luxembourg's largest steel company, which had numerous factories in Differdange.

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Differdange is a commune with town status in south-western Luxembourg, 27 km west from the country's capital. It lies near the borders with Belgium and France and is located in the canton of Esch-sur-Alzette. With a population of around 26,000, Differdange is the country's third largest city. It is also the main town of the commune, and other towns within the commune include Lasauvage, Niedekorn and Oberkorn.

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Differdange is an industrial town that was home to much of Luxembourg`s steel production, much of its development occurring during its heyday. Today, Differdange still remains an important industrial center, with ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel producer, retaining an important steel factory in the town.


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Notable landmarks in Differdange include the Maison de Soins de Differdange, an ancient Cistercian abbey dating back to 1235 and the Differange Castle, located on a hill in the centre of the town, which dates from 1577 and is now used by Miami university. As such, Differdange is home to Miami University's Dolobois European Center, the University's European campus branch. 

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