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Mayor of Almoradi, María Gómez García: One of my main goals is to increase our tourist offer with the creation of exhibition resources

“TheMayor.EU is a great idea, something we've been waiting for a long time”

  • gegužės 09, 2018 13:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Šaltinis: Almoradi Municipality

How would you describe your city briefly? What do you want our audience to know about Almoradi?

Almoradí is a city located in the interior of the Vega Baja Region, in the south of Alicante, equidistant from the most important urban agglomerations of the Spanish southeast. It is a very accessible city, well communicated, being known as the "Heart of the Vega Baja". It is remarkable its great variety and quality in the offer of services, commerce and gastronomy, being a benchmark for its dynamism and innovative capacity, which is demonstrated in a special way in the diversity of events offered throughout the year.

What do you think about a unified platform for European municipalities and its main goal to make and keep European citizens better informed about what is taking place in the European Union? How the portal can be useful to the small municipality as Almoradi?

I think it's a great idea, something we've been waiting for a long time, since we are actively interested in everything related to the European Union, and because we are growing in our offer as a tourist municipality.

As a new mayor, which are your main daily challenges?

Improve our accessibility, from the outside inwards and from the inside outwards. In this sense we are working on improving and modernizing our roads, as well as the different routes through the orchard that surrounds us and promoting pedestrianized circuits to be able to move without the need of a vehicle throughout the surroundings of our region.

Almoradi implements many projects for improving sports facilities and hosts many sport events - how do you finance them?

Fundamentally with municipal resources, although we also get private contributions and subsidies from intermediate bodies (Provincial Council above all).

Share some good practices and sustainable projects from your municipality.

 “Almoradí: Corazón de la Vega Baja” (Almoradí, Heart of the Vega Baja”: project presented to the DUSI 2017 funds, where actions to improve accessibility that we have discussed in point 3 are enhanced.

Almoradí City of the Artichoke: with the accomplishment of diverse events during the year, between which it emphasizes the National Congress of the Artichoke, and others like the Tunnel of the Artichoke, Tapas with Artichoke and the Gastronomic Sample of the Artichoke.

Which are the main goals and good examples you plan to develop for the near future?

Comprehensive improvement of our accessibility.

Increase our offer of industrial and tertiary land (expansion of the Las Maromas industrial area, development of the tertiary sectors SAUT-1 SAUT-2, SAUT-3.

Increase our tourist offer with the creation of exhibition resources (exhibition hall and Municipal Historical Archive Museum), and interpretive centre (Interpretation Centre of the artichoke and the Traditional Orchard).

Find out more about Almoradi here

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