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Slovakia inaugurates final stretch of cross-region cycling route

The final part of the M.R. Štefánik cycling route, which connects Bratislava, Trencin and Trnava was completed earlier this week

  • rugsėjo 27, 2020 17:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The final 35-kilometre-long stretch of the M.R. Štefánik cycling route was inaugurated earlier this week, bringing the development of a long-awaited project to an end. Now that it is complete, the M.R. Štefánik cycling route covers a total of 100 kilometres of land, connecting three regions of the country – Bratislava, Trencin and Trnava, and giving eager cyclists plenty of opportunities to explore and marvel at the Slovak countryside.

Bringing dreams to fruition

With the entirety of the M.R. Štefánik cycling route now completed, citizens and visitors to Slovakia can now be sure that they can explore the country in a healthy and sustainable manner. The route, connecting the regions of Bratislava, Trencin and Trnava, takes travellers along many landmarks and beautiful vistas that are sure to enchant any and all who decide to take up the journey.

This latest stretch gives cyclists excellent viewpoints of the Small Carpathians and takes them through sites such as the Čermakova meadow, Hubalová, Skalka, Sklená Huta, the Amonova meadow and others. It was developed jointly by local and national authorities, like the Bratislava Region and the Slovak Ministry of Transport, as well as civil society groups and stakeholders including the Slovak Cycling Club.

With this latest addition, the entirety of the route is now accessible – just a few short months after its initial opening. The M.R. Štefánik cycling route was first inaugurated in July on the 140th anniversary of the birth of its namesake – a national hero, who played a key role in the fight for Czechoslovakian sovereignty during the onset of the 20th century and during World War 1.

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