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Zákynthos - the Greek paradise you should visit

The perfect summer holiday destination

  • liepos 22, 2019 21:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium zante

Endless sandy beaches, turquoise waters, captivating sunset views, flourishing green landscapes, magical rural villages. Greece is an enchanting place full of magnificent surprises and unforgettable views. Some of you might feel like having some peace and quiet, while others might be adventure lovers. Some just want to have fun and dance at the mesmerizing beaches on the endless summer nights. Every one of you might have a different idea of what the ultimate summer experience would be on the fabled Greek islands, but it's certain that Zákynthos could become your ideal holiday destination this summer.

Zákynthos - the Greek paradise you should visit

It is third largest island of the Ionian Sea, after Corfu and Kefalonia and is internationally known as “Zante”. The city of Zakynthos is the capital of the island as well as its port. Here you can find a great variety of beaches. There are sandy beaches in secluded coves with their deep blue tranquil waters on the island’s south eastern part, or if you prefer rugged cliffs and an interesting underwater world, then head to the western part of the island.

Of course, don`t forget to visit the world famous Navagio beach, where you will find the iconic image of a rust-covered shipwreck washed up on the white sands of the turquoise beach. Navagio is one of the most beautiful and photographed beaches on the planet and visitors flock to both its shores and the cliffs above for breathtaking views. 

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