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See how Bucharest fights the heat

Temperature records hit the Romanian capital this summer
  • 2019. gada 6. Jūlijs, 20:00:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium bucharest
Avots: Bucharest Municipality

Because of the high temperatures recorded this summer, the City Hall of Bucharest announced that it has decided to set up 20 first aid containers in the most crowded zones of the city. They are equipped with first aid kits, blood pressure monitors, medical sofas and other medical supplies, as well as chairs, water dispensers, and air conditioning. The medical assistance is provided by medical staff from the school medicine network coordinated by the Bucharest Administration of Hospitals and Medical Services (ASSMB). Ecological toilets have been set up next to each of these containers.

The containers are located in Romana Square (at the Academy of Economic Studies – ASE and next to the subway station), at the North Train Station, in Victoriei Square (Antipa Museum), in Herastrau Park, at the intersection of Stefan cel Mare Blvd. with Barbu Vacarescu St., in Iancului Square, at the Obor Store, in Universitatii Square (at Coltea Hospital and at the Faculty of Architecture), in Roma Square, in Muncii Square, in Unirii Square (in front of the Unirea Store and next to the tram station on Regina Maria Blvd.), at the Dristor subway station, at the intersection of 11 Iunie St. with Regina Maria Blvd., in Carol Park, in Cismigiu Park, in the Eroilor area, and in Grozavesti neighborhood.

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