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Trnava’s city bike tours expanded to reach new audiences

An expanded tour programme aims to make cycling more popular for the city’s residents and visitors

  • 2020. gada 3. Jūlijs, 09:30:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Avots: TS Trnava Tourism, photo: Matúš Koprda

The city of Trnava’s offer for bike tours has been expanded this year to feature new and unexplored parts of the urban area and to attract new audiences throughout the summer season. The municipality’s traditional cycling tours have been a hit with locals and visitors of the city who wish to remain active while exploring and authorities are eager to provide them with new venues and opportunities to learn something about the city, its history and its architecture.

Two paths on offer for cycling tourists

The initiative returns in its familiar format – namely via the project “Trnava through the eyes of an architect”. On it, tourists have the opportunity to find out more about the history of Trnava’s industrial buildings which have become a dominant and prominent feature of the urban area. For this first time, however, cyclists will also have the opportunity to venture further back in time and find out more about the history of the entire city.

"This year, you can choose whether you want to take part in a bike tour with the architect Miroslav Beňák and experience the industrial Trnava or go to learn about history with our guide Slavomír Dzvoník. This summer’s afternoons will be enriched by 6 themes of bike tours, which can be attended by English-speaking visitors. Each tour must be booked in advance at the Tourist Information Center under the city tower or on the website because the number of participants is limited to 30 people," explained Alexander Prostinák, Deputy Executive Director of the Trnava Tourism Regional Organization.

The first tour focused on the history of the city will take place on 4 July, under the name “Stories of the Walls”. Throughout it, attending participants will have the opportunity to find out more about the history of the city’s ancient fortifications. Further historical tours are also planned throughout July and August, venturing into different parts of the urban area.

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