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Roskilde has a long history, dating from the pre-Christian Viking Age. Roskilde is where the Kingdom of Denmark was founded 1000 years ago.  From the 11th century until 1443, it was the capital of Denmark. By the Middle Ages, with the support of kings and bishops, it had become one of the most important centers in Scandinavia.

The foundations of the 11th-century stone church lie beneath the floor of the present-day cathedral, Denmark's grandest and the pre-Reformation powerhouse of Danish Catholicism. In the early 1400s, the cathedral was designated royal burial place, and since the Reformation, all Danish kings have found their final resting place here. The cathedral is the royal mausoleum where 39 Danish kings and queens are buried - that’s the largest number in any church in the World and this cathedral is still where Danish royal family members are laid to rest. 

Roskilde is the 10th largest city in Denmark, centrally located in Greater Copenhagen, with a total of 85 000 inhabitants.

Roskilde is a city with entrepreneurial, business-like character. The Roskilde Municipality Business Sector and Erhvervsforum Roskilde assist entrepreneurs and established companies in setting up business in Roskilde Municipality. Due to the many local universities and business academies, Roskilde Municipality generates many local talents and entrepreneurs in fast growing areas such as cleantech, sustainability and IT & Communication. Roskilde is strategically located at the crossroads of Scandinavia and the Baltic Region which helps the city to foster business and attract new investments.


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With a wealth of history, culture, exciting attractions and accommodation, Roskilde has plenty to offer the visitor. Roskilde is the only place in the world where you can break the waves like a viking aboard a viking ship. The annual Viking Festival is a way to travel back a thousand years, but the ancient city also offers plenty of top-class contemporary culture with its world-renowned music festival, its museum dedicated to pop, rock and youth culture and much more. The Viking Ship Museum and the Cathedral of St. Luke attract more than 100 000 visitors each year. The magnificent red-brick cathedral with its impressive tall spires is considered one of Denmark’s most important architectural monuments, and it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The cathedral is one of Denmark's great national monuments and the central landmark of the town.

Skjoldungernes Land

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Viking burial mounds, beautiful forests, and fjord landscapes are part of Denmark's newest national park, Skjoldungernes Land. The National Park is predominantly a fjord landscape in and around Roskilde Fjord, home to countless bird species. Visitors can enjoy coastlines, river valleys crisscrossing the fields, meadows and commons, lakes and marshes, and woodlands and forests. There are plenty of fantastic bicycle and hiking routes through the beautiful countryside of the National Park, including mountain bike trails.