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Lahti won the European Green Capital Award for 2021

The Finnish city also received financial support of 350,000 euros
  • 24 juni 2019 19:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium lahti
Bron: European Commission

The Finnish city of Lahti won the European Commission's European Green Capital Award for 2021. Apart from the title, Lahti received financial support totaling 350,000 euros from the Commission to kick-start its European Green Capital year.

In Lahti, 99% of people live within 300 meters of green urban areas. The city has had an impressive environmental strategy and clean air plan since 1997. It is also particularly strong in the fields of waste management, green growth and eco-innovation, announced the Commission in a press release for TheMayor.EU. Mayor of Lahti is Mr Pekka Timonen.

The aim of the European Green Capital Award is to recognise the environmental achievements of European cities and to inspire others to make sustainable action in making their cities better for life. The green initiative started in 2010. Ever since, each year one European city has been named the European Green Capital. In 2018, the Portuguese city of Lisbon won the European Green Capital Award for 2020. The other finalists for the European Green Capital 2021 were the French cities of Lille and Strasbourg.

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